Analytical balance

Unlock precision in your laboratory work with our cutting-edge Analytical Balance. Elevate your scientific endeavors with accuracy and reliability. Our analytical balances offer unparalleled precision, ensuring meticulous measurements for your critical experiments. Experience the epitome of balance technology, crafted for accuracy in every detail. Trust in our Analytical Balance to deliver consistent and reliable results, setting the standard for excellence in laboratory instrumentation. Revolutionize your research with the precision you can depend on. Explore the future of analytical precision today!



Analytical balance


  • Analytical balance with 210g capacity and 0.1mg readability (also called accuracy)
  • High-contrast, backlit LCD displays weight and application information
  • Stainless steel 9cm diameter weighing pan is corrosion resistant
  • Indicator on front panel ensures that the balance is level before each use
  • Balance sensitivity can be adjusted to compensate for environmental conditions, and to ensure accurate results

Here’s what sets analytical balances apart:

  • Extreme precision: Measure mass with readability down to 0.0001 grams, ensuring reliable and accurate results.
  • Advanced technology: Utilize electromagnetic force restoration or single-pan mechanisms for superior sensitivity and stability.
  • Draft shield protection: Enclosed weighing chambers shield samples from air currents and dust, minimizing external influences.
  • Diverse applications: Conduct research in pharmaceuticals, chemistry, materials science, and more, requiring precise mass measurements.
  • Variety of models: Choose from various capacity ranges, features, and functionalities to suit your specific needs.

Invest in analytical balances and gain:

  • Enhanced data accuracy: Minimize errors and ensure reliable results in your research and experiments.
  • Improved efficiency: Streamline workflows with fast and accurate measurements.
  • Compliance assurance: Meet stringent industry standards and regulations with confidence.


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