LG FRONT LOAD CLOTH DRYER 10kg Electric Dryer RV1329CD7P

Revolutionize your commercial laundry setup with the LG Front Load Cloth Dryer 10kg Electric Commercial Dryer RV1329CD7P. Engineered for superior performance, this commercial dryer boasts a generous 10kg capacity, making it ideal for handling large volumes of laundry efficiently. Powered by electricity, the RV1329CD7P combines cutting-edge technology with reliability, ensuring rapid and precise drying results. Elevate your commercial laundry operations with LG’s commitment to quality and innovation. Experience the convenience of a high-capacity electric commercial dryer designed for durability and optimal performance – the LG RV1329CD7P is your ultimate solution for efficient laundry processing

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LG FRONT LOAD CLOTH DRYER 10kg Electric Dryer RV1329CD7P

Elevate your laundry operation’s efficiency and productivity with the LG RV1329CD7P, a heavy-duty 10kg electric dryer built for tackling large loads in businesses like hotels, laundromats, restaurants, and more. This commercial-grade champion combines cutting-edge technology, robust design, and user-friendly features to make laundry day a breeze.

Key Performance Boosters:

  • Massive 10kg Capacity: Say goodbye to multiple drying cycles – handle bulky linens, towels, and uniforms effectively in one go.
  • Inverter Direct Drive: This innovative technology delivers outstanding drying performance, quieter operation, and exceptional durability, reducing energy costs and maintenance needs.
  • Sensor Dry & Auto Restart: Experience optimal drying results with automatic time adjustments and seamless restarts after power outages for uninterrupted workflow.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Built to withstand demanding commercial use, featuring robust components and a stainless steel drum for long-lasting reliability.
  • Multiple Drying Options: Tailor your drying routine with cycles like Normal, Delicates, and Time Dry, ensuring perfect results for every fabric type.
  • Stackable Design: Maximize space in your laundry area by stacking this dryer with its compatible washer counterpart.
  • Front-Access Maintenance: Simplify servicing and repairs for minimal downtime and maximized productivity.

Invest in the LG RV1329CD7P and gain:

  • Increased laundry throughput for faster turnaround times
  • Reduced energy consumption with efficient inverter technology
  • Consistent, high-quality drying for satisfied customers
  • Durable construction built to handle heavy workloads
  • Convenient features for hassle-free operation and easy maintenance


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