Mika Water Dispenser Table Top Hot Normal & Electric Cooling (3 Taps) MWD1502

Revolutionize your hydration routine with the Mika Water Dispenser Table Top – MWD1502. Offering the perfect trio of Hot, Normal, and Electric Cooling taps, this compact dispenser brings versatility to any setting. With its table-top design, the MWD1502 seamlessly integrates into your space, providing easy access to temperature-controlled water. Trust in Mika’s commitment to quality and advanced technology. Elevate your hydration experience with this table-top water dispenser, blending convenience with modern design. Opt for Mika’s MWD1502 for a comprehensive solution that brings functionality and style to your home or office. Redefine your hydration experience with ease and innovation

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Mika Water Dispenser Table Top Hot Normal & Electric Cooling (3 Taps) MWD1502


  • Hot, Normal & Cold Water Function
  • Total Power 485
  • Heating Capacity 4.5L/h
  • Cooling Capacity  0.7Lh
  • Hot Tank Capacity 0.7L
  • Cold Tank Capacity 0.6L
  • Easy To Use Press Taps
  • Hot & Cold Water Power Switch
  • Power Protection Fuse
  • Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
  • High-efficiency Electric Cooling
  • Gold & Black

Here’s how the Mika MWD1502 becomes your countertop hydration champion:

  • Triple Tap Triumph: Enjoy the convenience of three dedicated taps for chilled, normal, and hot water. Whether you crave an icy cold glass of lemonade, a soothing cup of tea, or a quick bowl of noodles, the MWD1502 has you covered.

  • Instant Chilled Bliss: Powerful electric cooling delivers perfectly chilled water on demand, no more waiting for pitchers or relying on bulky bottles. Stay cool and hydrated effortlessly.

  • Hot & Steamy Satisfaction: The integrated hot water tank provides steaming hot water for your favorite beverages, from soothing tea to instant ramen. Warm up your mornings or indulge in a cozy hot chocolate anytime.

  • Compact & Convenient: The sleek and space-saving design seamlessly integrates into any kitchen, making it perfect for countertops with limited space.

Available in Gold & Black And Silver & Black

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