Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Designed to optimize the cleaning experience, the Tefal X-PERT 6.60 cordless stick vacuum cleaner combines advanced technology with an ultra-lightweight compact design. The best of both worlds is now within reach, for a spotless home made effortless in no time: a high-performance motorized brush head complete with LED lights, 2 automatic speed settings and the BOOST trigger function, and a removable, long-lasting 45-minute battery*. This modern cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a game-changer, equipped with a wide variety of convenient features—the Stop & Go position that offers a break from cleaning with its tube and brush standing upright on their own, an easy-emptying dust container that’s washable simply with water, and more—for an unmatched cleaning experience. All this, in a streamlined handstick format with enhanced ergonomics and an ultra-lightweight design.

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Introducing the Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner, a game-changer in cleaning technology. With its advanced features and benefits, this cordless stick vacuum is designed to revolutionize your cleaning experience.

Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Equipped with a powerful motorized brush head and built-in LED lights, the Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner ensures exceptional performance and precision. Say goodbye to dirt and dust hiding in corners and under furniture – the LED lights illuminate even the darkest areas, leaving no trace of dirt behind.

With 2 automatic speed settings, this vacuum cleaner adapts to different surfaces effortlessly. Whether you’re cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, or tiles, the Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner adjusts its suction power accordingly for optimal cleaning results.

Tefal X-PERT 6.60 cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Need an extra boost of power? Simply activate the BOOST trigger function on xpert cordless stick vacuum cleaner for an instant surge in suction, tackling even the most stubborn dirt and debris with ease. No more struggling with hard-to-clean messes – the Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner takes care of it all.


The removable battery of this vacuum cleaner provides a generous 45-minute runtime*, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions. No more worrying about running out of power mid-clean – the Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner keeps you going until the job is done.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Tefal Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner and enjoy a spotless home in no time. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Tefal for exceptional cleaning performance.

*Battery runtime on handstick vacuum cleaner may vary depending on usage and settings.

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